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We are the only suppliers of genuine Dizzyclear Pillows in the United Kingdom

Dizzyclear Pillow

What is the Dizzyclear® Pillow?

The Dizzyclear pillow has been specially designed to self diagnose and treat vertigo (BPPV) in the comfort of your own home. Before this final design we have tried various pillows such as memory foam, feather downs and cotton. Eventually we decided on firm polyurethane for the pillow, we tried it for 6 months successfully before launching this final design. Due to its specific shape and firmness it is able to provide the ideal position of head and neck for self treatments. It can be used in a bed or on the floor, provided if it is safe. This pillow has been tried successfully on various patients of different heights and weights. This appeared to have to have worked on all age groups and maximum weight we have tried is 140kg, although we feel it can be used for even higher weight individuals.

Dizzyclear is trademark registered.

What are the uses of the Dizzyclear® Pillow?

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). The Dizzyclear pillow will help you in the diagnosis and treatment of BPPV, at home or in the GP surgery.
  • Chronic dizziness. Findings of a recent trial using the Dizzyclear pillow (and performing Modified Brandt-Daroff’s home exercises (MBE)) have shown an improvement in their symptoms in most of our chronic dizzy patients. Modified Brandt-Daroff’s home exercises (MBE) are part of vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT). In addition, other exercises that are needed in treatment of chronic dizziness include Cooksey cawthorne exercises and or Gaze stabilization exercises. The real benefit is gained after doing REGULAR exercises. In the first 4-6 weeks the dizziness symptoms may get worse. However most patient feel improvement in their severity and frequency of symptoms between 6-12 weeks of the treatment.

Mr Dewi Evans Machynlleth Wales United Kingdom

I have suffered from recurrent vertigo for over 2 months and was not getting better with pills. My brain scan was also done. After exercise treatment offered by Mr Bashir it completely resolved within a few days. The Dizzyclear book is a “treasure” and we take it with us everywhere.

Dr Urfi Consultant Physian - Mid Wales United Kingdom

I got the Dizzyclear Pillow and book for my mother who has been suffering from vertigo for many years. The instructions on how to use the pillow are very clear along with illustrations. The book has explained various conditions causing dizziness in easy to understand language. With in a few weeks of the treatment the vertigo has disappeared completely. I would recommend this treatment and product to both health care professionals and patients for use in treating vertigo.

Sarah Dixon - Powys Wales United Kingdom

I am writing to say “thank you” for curing my vertigo problem, i have been suffering for 16 years. After the manoeuvre i felt great that evening and not dizzy at all, it was like magic. I just wish that i knew about this earlier as over the years it has caused me anxiety....

Professor Dr John Grattan - Mid Wales united kingdom

I repeatedly suffered from severe bouts of dizziness over several years. During them I could not walk down a corridor, or turn my head quickly and at their worst I simply had to lie on a bed for several days. The medication I was prescribed (Serc 16 I think) made no impact on it; the condition was affecting my ability to lecture, research, run field classes and keep fit. Finally I was referred to Mr. Bashir, who in a few minutes of manipulation completely cured me. Now if I feel the condition returning I repeat the simple exercises he gave me which I know will fix the problem”

Menna Edwards - Mid Wales United kingdom

I had a fall from my mountain bike which I came off over the handlebars and landed on the pavement. I developed severe dizziness as a result of this accident and I was treated by Mr Bashir with the Epley`s manoeuvre in the A&E department. On discharge I was given a patient information leaflet and some home exercises to do which resolved my symptoms.

Geraint Morgan - Mid Wales united kingdom

Over the last 10 years I have suffered from three episodes of light headiness and vertigo, on the first two occasions I saw my GP who put it down to a viral condition which was self limiting. I suffered for about 7-10 days before I was better. When I suffered the third episode I went to see Mr. Bashir who treated me with his manoeuvers and was given written advice to repeat at home – I improved within 1-2 days. If I ever suffer again I will definitely go to see him again.

Mr. T Lazim Consultant Surgeon - Mid Wales United kingdom

I suffered from intense and disabling episodes of vertigo for 2 months. I was prescribed serc-16 by a consultant physician colleague with out any benefit. I was treated by Mr Bashir and with in 2 days of Epley`s manoeuvre my symptoms completely resolved. If it recurs again, I would be able to treat myself at home with home exercise with pillow.

Mr. D Evans - Powys Wales United kingdom

I developed dizziness, with room spinning every time I look up for one week. I was fearful of my heart condition, as previously I was very dizzy following a heart attack. I contacted Dr Bashir who kindly provided treatment (manipulation) and I felt better straight away, but it took 5 days to completely resolve my symptoms. I have learned the technique and if it recurs I feel I can treat at home with the Dizzyclear pillow.

Staff Nurse D Roberts - North Wales United Kingdom

I had two episodes of very bad vertigo in the last 6-7 years, both did not settle with medications from my own GP. With in one week of treatment by Dr Bashir they settled completely. I have now learned the technique and I feel I can do it myself at home if it recurs again.

Asif - Qatar MiddleEast

I live in Qatar in the Middle East and had two months of Vertigo including two severe attacks, when I came across Mr. Bashir's clinic on the internet I decided to pay him a visit as my dizziness was effecting my life and work quite significantly. I received very professional treatment and advice including exercises to do at home. I felt much better the same day - and I felt a lot of my sharpness coming back. I did the exercises at home when I got back and now I feel that the problem is almost gone. I would like to thank Mr. Bashir for the time and care he showed me and recommend anyone who has this problem to contact Mr. Bashir's clinic

Sofia - West Sussex United Kingdom

I am a university student and suffered from dizziness and balance problem for over 6 months, this included of hospital treatment including Scans of brain, lumber pucnture(fluid taken from spine), with no real diagnosis and success in treatment. Dr Bashir provided with exercises and a book to understand about my condition,. i had 100% resolution of my symptoms with in 10 days of the exercises.

Mr Roger Merry - Midwales United Kingdom

I suffered continuous dizziness and bouts of vertigo for about 4 months This led to a loss in confidence and depression.. Dr Bashir diagnosed BPPV, explained the condition and suggested a programme of exercises that completely cured it within 1 month. I am very grateful to Dr Bashir and hope that in future many other patients with this condition will be referred to him and thus avoid the distress that I suffered

Mr. A Collins south Wales UK

I am 84 years old and was unable to sleep on my left side due to vertigo symptoms for the last 14 years. I heard Mr. Bashir on BBC radio Wales and went to see him and within one week of the recommended exercises I was able to sleep on my left side. I have got Dizzyclear pillow now, and if the vertigo recurs I will be able to fix this vertigo myself at home.

C H S. Wales UK

I have been suffering with vertigo/dizziness symptoms for nearly 30 years, i did try various treatments in the past from my doctors with out any success. I followd Mr Bashir`s treatment and with 3 weeks there was significant improvement in my symptoms.

DR M Akram MRCP Specialty Doctor Medicine Wales UK

I developed BPPV during my night duties. The symptoms included severe vertigo, vomiting, i was not able to move without help. I was treated by Mr Bashir, initially I felt that my symptoms got worse but with in 36 hours i was well enough to resume my night duties. I would highly recommend Mr Bashir`s Dizzyclear exercises to any vertigo sufferer.

Mrs Glenys Augusta Roberts mid-wales UK

I am 82 years old and have been suffering from vertigo for over 15 years. I have not been able to lie flat or on my side at night due to recurrence of vertigo symptoms. Various treatments have not helped. I was referred to Mr Bashir and with in 5 days of the Dizzyclear exercises i have almost 100% resolution of my vertigo symptoms. It is an excellent natural treatment that can be done safely at home.