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Legal Disclaimer

The information provided on website is for education purposes. This is not a substitute for face to face consultation with a doctor.

  • It is recommended that the Dizzyclear pillow exercises be performed in a safe environment, preferably supervised by a clinician or at least in the presence of a relative or a carer. Please contact your GP if you have any concerns about your condition.
  • The Dizzyclear pillow will help most people self diagnose and treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. However this is not a substitute for expert medical advice.
  • The information provided has been based on extensive experience of the author in treating patients with BPPV; however this will not help every patient. This product and information does not establish doctor-patient relationship.
  • This product will not diagnose any other underlying illness causing vertigo, so if you are not sure or your symptoms get worse or do not get better within 3 weeks; consult your doctor.
  • Vertigo sufferers, who have neck or back pains, please note that your neck and back pains may temporarily worsen with these exercises. To date we had only 4-5 patients out of 1200 patients treated, who complained of temporary worsening of backache symptoms.
  • Patients who have other serious medical problems should consult their doctor before using Dizzyclear pillow exercises.
  • Dizzyclear limited is not responsible for any physical damage, illness and psychological impact caused by this product.
Legal Disclaimer