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A hospital consultant in Aberystwyth is set to release a book on dizziness and vertigo this month after designing special treatment techniques to help vertigo sufferers.
Dr Khalid Bashir, who works as head of emergency medicine at Bronglais Hospital, has also designed a special pillow which helps people suffering from vertigo to treat themselves in their own home.
So far, he has treated over 1,200 patients across Wales and has been contacted by other sufferers in the UK. Dr Bashir’s book, Dizzyclear, will be released in mid-November and is aimed at benefitting GPs, nurses and physiotherapists, as well as patients them-selves. He said: “We are the only emergency department in the whole of Britain that provides this treatment.
“The pillow is fairly new. I’ve been doing this treatment for some time though, as I suffered from vertigo as a junior doctor. “Lots of my friends were doctors as well but there was no effective treatment for the condition. “But then I came across some-one who was a technician and I spent a lot of time with him. “I tried techniques to alleviate vertigo on myself first of all and it was very successful, it’s all natural and I don’t prescribe pills.
“One of my patients had vertigo for 20 years and was cured in about three weeks. At least people can understand it’s a treatable condition. “Our results are close to 100 per cent in getting our patients better.”


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