Important Note & Instructions

Important Note

It is recommended that the Dizzyclear pillow exercises be performed in a safe environment, preferably supervised by a clinician or at least in the presence of a relative or a carer. Please contact your GP if you have any concerns about your condition or if symptoms are no better after 3 weeks of home treatment. For the best results we recommend that the Dizzyclear pillow should be changed every 2-3 year as like any other foam products they will loose firmness and may not provide the necessary angle required for various exercises.

  • This product is not suitable for children under 36 months in case of unforeseen use giving rise to harm, including suffocation. If you have problem with the product, we want to help.
  • Please remove all packaging before use. Please retain pack for important information and future reference.
  • For your safety we strongly recommend that you read the instructions carefully and familiarise yourself with the product.
  • All our product and packaging is designed with easy and safe recycling in mind.

Instructions after the manoeuvres

After the treatment manoeuvre, the following instructions should be followed to prevent a recurrence of vertigo symptoms. These precautions are usually necessary for about 1-2 weeks after the treatment.

  • Immediately after the manoeuvre, wait for a few minutes before doing various activities.
  • Try and keep your head vertical and avoid movements or exercises that involve tilting the head backwards such as cleaning the top shelf at home.
  • If possible Perform gentle neck movements from side to side about 10 times in between the manoeuvres.
  • Have a shower while standing and avoid bathing.
  • Avoid swimming.
  • Take extreme care while visiting the dentist, hair salon, or physiotherapist for back problems.
  • If eye drops are required, avoid bending your head backwards.
  • Use two or three pillows at night and avoid lying on the “bad side”.
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