Dizzyclear Pillow + Book




Brand Dizzyclear
Colour Light Yellow
Material Polyurethane Foam
Item weight 0.59 Kilograms
Item dimensions L x W x H
  • Self treatment of dizziness and vertigo in your own home
  • with Dizzyclear pillow you can do home exercises to recover from vertigo
  • Special design of this pillow wiill facilitate the most appropiate position for home exercises
  • most helpful with balance problem caused by inner ear
  • Dizzyclear pillow has european community design registration & is protected.
DizzyClear: Understanding dizziness and vertigo, their management and home treatments


Do you feel dizzy when you get up too quickly, when you change position in the bed, after air or boat travel, following an injury, or when you turn your head suddenly? You are not alone! Millions of people suffer from dizziness, but few know that effective treatment is available. Dizzyclear provides easy explanation of the causes, symptoms and treatment. This book has been written by an experienced doctor who has successfully treated over a thousand dizzy patients. Dizzyclear will certainly benefit patients and their carers, doctors and nurses, physiotherapist, osteopath, manipulative and physical therapist.


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